Lake Effect In Effect

We at Down For Anything Records are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Erie film maker Tommy Shannon to release “Lake Effect In Effect: A Documentary on the Erie Hardcore Music Scene”
In this documentary we will be showcasing the early years of Erie hardcore, through the ups and downs to the current day scene. Erie has had a strong music scene for over 20 years giving birth to hardcore legends like Brother’s Keeper, xDisciplex AD, Shockwave, and Abnegation as well as current local heroes, Smoke & Mirrors, Human Animal, xRepresentx and many many more.
This will be part of a 2-disc release, the DVD as well as an album.(track listing to be announced at a later date)You can keep up to date with this project through all our social networking sites as well as here. Until then, check out the trailer for Lake Effect In Effect below.

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