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In a half assed attempt to release Volume 6 of the Down For Anything zine we were fortunate enough to interview NY’s Incendiary. Check out the interview below and follow the links to check out all things Incendiary as well as Closed Casket Activities.

Photo By Lindsay Kreighbaum
-Can you give our readers your name and what it is you do in the band?
Hey man, I’m Brendan and i sing in Incendiary

-Can you give the readers a little intro about Incendiary?

Incendiary started in the summer of 2007 and went through a few lineup changes early on but we’ve been pretty solid for a while now. I originally started the band because I wanted to do a late 90s heavy hardcore band and play some local shows on Long Island. I never would have imagined we’d have so many incredible opportunities and experiences, it’s been really awesome.

-You released the new album recently, how has the response been?
We were pretty blown away by the reaction honestly. I think when you spend so much time writing and then recording a record – and it takes our band a LONG time to write for some reason – you start to get deeper into your own world of over analysis and to some extent, doubt. Sometimes you just have to say fuck it, get down what you have, and move on. I’ve met individuals and bands in the past who are never happy with what they are writing and are always scrapping songs, changing things, starting over, etc. 9 out of 10 times, those bands will fail or wind up sucking. Anyway, it felt great to finally get some outside feedback once the record was released and the fact that it was so overwhelmingly positive felt great.

-What are some upcoming plans for the band? Shows? Tours?
In a few weeks we’re doing a weekend with The Acacia Strain which we’re all really looking forward to. I love playing with different kinds of bands so it will be cool to mix things up a bit. After that we’re doing This is Hardcore in Philly then doing a short UK tour in September which will be great.

-How the scene in New York right now?
Really great man. Recently there’s been a ton of new bands coming up and putting out music like No One Rules, High Card, Pilgrims of the Fingertips, etc. King Nine is about to release a full length and Backtrack is the sickest band ever and has conquered the world.

-How did you get involved in hardcore music?
I grew up playing the drums and always loved really fast punk drumming and obviously punk music in general. The first somewhat aggressive band I got into was Pennywise. After that I found about the local hardcore scene and started seeing bands like Subterfuge play as much as possible. After I heard Strife, I was hooked for good.

-Any advice you would give to a younger kid getting involved in hardcore or punk music?

Don’t get caught up in the “genre” game. It doesn’t matter what band sounds like what or who plays with who. I see these kids online arguing about “what” a particular band is: metalcore, hardcore, fartcore, who gives a shit. Listen to what you like and don’t worry about if it’s cool or not.

-What has your playlist been like recently?
Been really into the new California X, ASG, and Power Trip records. I’ve also been listening to stuff like Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil and the Smoking Popes a lot lately.

-Are any members of the band involved in any other projects right now?
Actually no I don’t think so. ALL INCENDIARY ALL THE TIME BABY

-Thoughts on all these old hardcore bands reuniting? Into it or total poser move?
If people will come see you and you have fun doing it, more power to you. I’ll be honest though, I think this whole 2 Black Flag bands at the same time is straight up embarrassing and pathetic.

-Tell everyone about the writing process for the songs, how does everything come together?
Brian or Bobcat usually come in with a few parts already written and then we’ll hash it out as a band and try to build on that. I write all the lyrics once we have at least the framework of a song together.

-What are some of your biggest influences for you when writing new music?
Well it always varies but recently I’ve written a lot of stuff as a reaction to living and working in New York City and seeing some of the shitty aspects of living in a human zoo. I also turned 29 this year so I’ve also focused a lot on getting older and the feeling of looking back on past experiences with a different perspective. A lot of the material on Cost of Living is about our generation as a whole. Technology has fundamentally altered the way we evolve and the notion of automatically being better off than the generation before you is, I believe, completely out the window.

-I want to thank you for doing the interview, I loved the new album, are there any last comments or shout outs for the reader?
Stream our new record on Spotify and if you like it, pick up a copy from Closed Casket Activities. Thanks to everyone that has already checked it out regardless of how you got it and thanks to you Matt for the kind words and interview!

Photo by: Lindsay Kreighbaum

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End of Summer Update

New Worlds of Fear is streaming in FULL over at and pre-orders are available now. The 1st pressing will be out of 100 copies (25/red, 75/black) You can pick up a copy from our Store as well as a new long sleeve design available exclusively from us for a limited time. You can also pick up a CD copy of the new EP at Monster Party Records.

Heresy has come out of hibernation and has been more actively playing shows as well as releasing a new single “Song About Me (3AM)”

Jon from Smoke & Mirrors has begun working on his own clothing line. Make sure to stop over at Draft Dodger and pick up a shirt. DD logo

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The Shadowlands

Excited to release a track of the upcoming Energy EP, New Worlds of Fear. The EP will be release via us and Monster Party Records on September 10th.
A stream of the full album will be available in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

New Worlds of Fear tracklist:
1. Renascentia
2. New Worlds of Fear
3. Another Yesterday
4. Dead In Dreamland
5. Pet Sematary [Ramones Cover]
6. The Shadowlands
7. They

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Energy update

Tank gives a little update for Energy with latest releases and news on the upcoming EP, New Worlds of Fear.

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