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While trying to release Vol. 6 of the DFA zine we had the chance to interview Rotting Out. Seeing as how that zine never made it to print we didn’t want to waste the interviews. Check out this interview with LA’s Rotting Out. Check out their new album “The Wrong Way” out now.

-Can you give our readers your name and what it is you do in the band?
My name is Tank, and I play guitar in Rotting Out.

-Can you give the readers a little intro about Rotting Out?

e’re a 5 piece band from the LA area that loves to jam and play shows together! This is our getaway, this is pretty much what keeps us sane and from trouble!

-You released the new album recently, how has the response been?
Response has been great! A lot of support and love from our people, couldn’t really ask for more!

-What are some upcoming plans for the band? Shows? Tours?
We got a tour coming up that starts Aug. 1st. With Take Offense, Minus, And Relentless! Check out the dates and come out to a show! After that we have something towards October that we’re still working on, and other shit towards the end of the year!

-How did you get involved in hardcore music?

Back in middle school I got into punk music and started going to shows in backyards around South Central, Compton, or any ghetto enough spot to have shows where they wouldn’t get shut down! After a couple of years a friend of mine invited me to a show where The First Step, Outbreak and Cruel Hand were playing, pretty much after that was when I started going to a lot more hardcore shows and found out about other dope bands that would play in my town!

-any advice you would give to a younger kid getting involved in hardcore or punk music?

If it feels right, roll with it! Do something that makes YOU happy and never waste your time trying to please anyone, because in the end, someone will always be unhappy with whatever you do!

-What does everyone in the band do for a day job?

The only two dudes that pretty much work on a regular schedule are Jorge and I, he works as a Gardner and I do paperwork for a DMV office. Everyone else has little shit here and there to try and pay some bills.

-Best pizza topping?

-Are any members of the band involved in any other projects right now?
A couple of us actually! Jorge our drummer and I play in a Spanish rock band called Illusion, and Walter plays in a band called Clear.

-Thoughts on all these old hardcore bands reuniting? Into it or total poser move?
Honestly…. That shit happens all the time, it doesn’t really affect me personally! I love playing live all the time, I’m pretty sure I’d be stoked if I got asked to play a show after not playing for a long time, but I can see why some people get a little butthurt over shit like that!

-Tell everyone about the writing process for the songs, how does everything come together?
Come up with some riffs, jam with everyone to see if anyone has any ideas, then somehow shit just starts falling into place, then once we feel like we have a good solid set of songs, we record a record. There’s nothing really “weird” or “crazy” about the process, just a bunch of homies writing a bunch of punk songs!

-What are some of your biggest influences for you when writing new music?
I feel like this band draws a lot from bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Pennywise, Black Flag, Smutt Peddlers, and that good ol’ west coast style!

-I want to thank you for doing the interview, the new album rules, are there any last comments or shout outs for the reader?
Thanks! I’m glad you dig it! Shout out to anyone that ever comes out to our shows, any one the has picked up the new record, and anyone that ever comes up to smoke us out after long days!

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